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Mr. Melvyn Haber

Mel Haber’s charismatic personality and Ingleside’s old world charm have been a successful pairing since 1975. Haber was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and began his professional life by entering the Fashion Institute of Technology and Design. Working his way through school, Mel was employed at various resorts in the Catskill Mountains and sold women’s shoes on New York’s fashionable Fifth Avenue. Mel’s first business success was as president of Wallfrin Industries, which manufactures automotive novelties. Wallfrin grew to become one of the largest novelty manufacturers in the automotive industry.

After his automotive novelty business was firmly established, Mel created several other companies, owning twenty different companies throughout the country while still in his twenties In June 1974, Mel came to California to spend the summer, planning to return to New York in September. Vacationing in Palm Springs one weekend from Los Angeles, somebody drove him through the Inn. He immediately fell in love with the property and within fifteen minutes he decided to buy it.

At first, he wanted it for his home. “But then I was convinced it should be a classic hotel and restaurant…an elegant oasis.” The Inn has a fascinating history; the past guest list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the world. Even Howard Hughes stayed at the Inn several times. Haber spent some $500,000 restoring this historical hotel and grounds and added his own restaurant, Melvyn’s.

From opening night in September 1975, the Ingleside Inn and Melvyn’s have been filled with Presidents, captains of industry, dignitaries and Hollywood’s brightest stars. Ingleside Inn has been named one of the top dream resorts in the United States, and Melvyn’s was named “One of the Ten Best” by “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” TV show twice.

Mel has since been given a star on the Palm Springs, Walk of Fame, is an integral part of local charities including the “Angel View Foundation” & “SafeHouse of the Desert” and is a celebrated author of two books, “Bedtime Stories” and “Palm Springs A La Carte”.


Bedtime Stories

bedtime_stories_melvynhaber Bedtime Stories Of The Legendary Ingleside Inn In Palm Springs

…is a charming, often hilarious book describing the forays of a novice restaurateur and hotelier, Melvyn Haber, into the exotic world of French Chefs, lovable con men and “Big Spenders.”

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P.S. A La Carte


Palm Springs a la Carte: The Colorful World of the Caviar Crowd at Their Favorite Desert Hideaway is a 256-page book co-written by celebrity biographer Marshall Terrill, describing the adventures of Palm Springs restaurateur and hotelier, Mel Haber.

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